Our services

There is confidence in simplicity and refinement in restraint. Our team seizes to create timeless and classic celebrations. We feel it in our hearts that all events should be beautiful and approachable, without feeling pluralistic or overdone. Our style and aesthetics embrace elegance and simplicity. Our specialty is to design and create timeless, classy and elegant celebrations, that are thoroughly detailed and curated, while being custom tailored to each couple. We create classic and timeless celebrations that are as approachable as they are elegant.

Among others, our team offers wedding coordination, event design, vendor selection, logistics etc. We will be there for you from the logistical management and budget breakdown to the full set-up and tear-down of your event. Our approach manages to make you feel calm and secure, so that you can fully enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

Whether you are have daydreamed about your wedding since you can remember or you need help and guidance with every step of the planning process, we are here for you, to work together and create a day to be remember forever.


“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

Amelia Barr


Wedding coordination is all about the nuts and bolts of your celebration. Our goal is to create a firm foundation from scratch, so that your event runs smoothly. He have plenty years of experience so far and we will be your go-to person for every logistical detail of your wedding. Our role is to be your vendor curator, budget supervisor, fee negotiator, etiquette advisor, family dynamics mediator, stationery proofreader, personal stylist, favor packager, and more often than not, your listening ear and personal counselor. We can help but build personal relationships with all the couple that we work with and we our proud to have made many of these couples our friends over the years. We will be there to support you and advocate you at the same time, while we are taking care of everything else in the meantime. We can take upon handling from your guests’ transportation and accommodation to determining the amount of electrical power your tented reception needs to sending you down the aisle. In a sentence, we will take care of everything.


Event design is all about brainstorming and creating a celebration that is personalized and custom tailored to your style and preferences. We go beyond just picking out your wedding stationery and flower arrangements. We will help you create and define your vision and, then bring your style to life with our creative direction. We love cohesion, so we will wrap our hands around every single detail, so that all the elements of your wedding tell your story beautifully, from beginning to end. We can go on and on about invitation fonts, textures and ribbons, linen napkins, elegant charger plates, wedding bouquets and favors. We despise repetition. Therefore we will always make sure that your wedding is special and one of a kind.

Do you take upon planning destination events?

Yes! In fact, we love destination events more than anything! We are currently based both in Athens and Thessaloniki, but we will gladly travel literally anywhere to be part of your special day!

Do you charge extra for destination events?

Yes. Depending on your destination, transportation and accommodation fees apply. Depending on the days required, there is a compensation fee for every extra day. Feel free to contact us for further information.

We currently live abroad. How can we meet you?

No problem at all! As a matter of fact, most of our couples do not live in Greece. We are very flexible with our time and we will be able to chat with you by phone, via e-mail or, even better, over a Skype call, so that we can meet each other and decide if we are a match made in heaven!

How many months prior to our destination event should we book you?

The earlier, the better! We love being ahead of time, so the sooner you get in touch with us, the better. Always keep in mind that couples who prefer destination events book them really early, in order to avoid availability issues.

How many people are on your team?

Konstantina is our head event planner. The team consists of an event designer, an event stylist and a PR representative. All other services are being outsourced to very trustworthy colleagues.

How many of you will be at our event?

The number of team member attending your event varies, according to the event's requirements, number of guests etc. At least two team members will be attending your event. We always make sure that everything runs smoothly, so we will let you know along the way if more people are required.

We have many guests from abroad. Do your team members speak English?

Yes! All team members speak English fluently. Besides English, some of us speak German and Spanish. If you need a team member speaking any other language on the day of your event, we most certainly can make that happen.

Who will we talk to for our event planning?

Usually, our head event planner is the one that meets you for the very first time. Most likely, you will speak with more than one of our team members along the way, depending on the issue at hand.

Do you offer specific service proposals or à la carte pricing?

Our company offers the most popular services in three different proposals, based on the services required. We are more than happy to discuss the need of your event with you and create a custom tailored offer.

Which proposal do you suggest the most?

Well, if we may offer an opinion, we always urge our couples to go with the full planning proposal. The sole reason is that we can make sure that we are on top of everything, from start to finish. Therefore, we can guarantee a cohesion for your event and keep you calm and relaxed along the way.

Can we add extra services after we book you?

Of course you can! Depending on the extra services required, compensation fees may apply. Feel free to contact us for further information.

How many events per day do you take upon planning?

If we book an event that needs planning and coordination from beginning to end, then we definitely do not book two events in a day. If the circumstances allow it, we may book two events in one day, because we have more than enough team members to attend more than one events.