This couple is a true inspiration for us and one of the most exciting weddings we have ever planned. First of all, it was the first time we had to work with a couple that lived abroad. The were both living in America, but Giannis was living in Miami, while Yen was living in Montreal. So, as you can imagine, a lot of group Skype calls happened!

Giannis was from Thessaloniki, but left for Canada to do his masters. There, he met Yen from Mauritius and their love story began. Roughly ten years later, they decided to tie the knot with a small, intimate wedding in Thessaloniki. Yen knew what she wanted from day one and was very friendly and easy going. Her choice for the decorations was a romantic combination of burlap and lace and ivory calla lilies for the floral arrangements.

The couple arrived together at the church and was welcomed by all of our close family members and friends. The ceremony started right away, while many of the guests preferred to stay outside, in order to enjoy the delicious Greek traditional treat, called mpeze from the lovely burlap and lace welcome table. They all took some rice in their palms and showered the newlyweds the moment they exited the church.

After greeting the couple, the guests were handed a very beautiful and romantic burlap pouch with a lace ribbon and headed to the venue, that the couple desired to keep private.

Just two years later, these two love birds traveled back to Greece and we designed their little boy’s baptism. As you can tell, they hold a very warm place in our hearts.


“Do I love you? My god, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”

William Goldman


Event Design, Styling & Planning: Soo Events

Wedding Location: Thessaloniki

Venue: Planetarium Barestau

Photography: Otravista

Floral Design: Floral Creations

Desserts: Emmanouil Mpezes

Invitations & Stationery: Type Center