As seen on Everafter

We love how the children’s birthday parties have evolved. It’s always really touching when we are getting calls from mums who want to make an amazing birthday party for their child. And, although it may seem easier than a baptism, most of the times it is not. That is for two reasons. First of all, because the mothers have most likely gone back to your and they do not have any free time at all. And, second of all, because the child actually has an opinion now! And an unleashed imagination! Oh boy, how excited we get when these two elements are combined!

That is the case for this birthday party as well. Electra Lydia was turning three and she was obsessed with horses. Her mum, Maria, who adores her, is a full-time lawyer, hence her free time was extremely limited and devoted to her family. Therefore, we took upon planning every single detail for this event, from booking a horseback riding club, to designing a lovely pink and brown horse theme with the quote “Saddle Up and Ride Over”! The club was filled with balloons for all the little guests, that after trying the delicious horse shaped cookies and pink frosted cupcakes, got to experience a real ride on a horse!

The parents of the little guests enjoyed their coffee and finger food, listening to the music of a hired DJ, while watching their play under the supervision of a hired entertainer. As the evening went by, the children were having so much fun, that the only motivation to leave the party was that we had little farewell gifts for them. The biggest reward of all, was Electra Lydia’s huge smile, when she greeted as goodbye.


“God made the horse from the breath of  the wind, the beauty of the earth and the soul of an angel.”



Event Design, Styling & Planning: Soo Events

Location: Thessaloniki

Venue: Club Cheval

Photography: Otravista

Cake & Desserts: Petit Four Patisserie Confiserie

Catering: Terkenlis

Laser cut Decorations: Entypo

Party Supplies: Sweebies

Kids Entertainment: Anemoskorpismata