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Before moving on to more advance mathematical concepts in algebra and geometry, it is first important for kids to have a thorough understanding of geometric shapes. Everyone is familiar with the most common shapes: square, circle, rectangle, and triangle. Each of these shapes is created by combining specific amounts of lines and/or curves.

The geometric shapes were our inspirations for little Asterios’ baptism, along with the intense contrast of the black and white combination of colors. Our location was the American Farm School, one of Thessaloniki’s nicest estates, with a beautiful stone church.

The entrance was decorated with two welcome tables, one labeled “sweets” on the right and one labeled “drinks” on the left, with two laser cut signs. Wooden swings were hanging above the tables, creating an interesting backdrop, while decorated with white hydrangeas, black and white pom poms and hanging black and white triangles. Right outside of the entrance, we set two small towers made of white wooden boxes, that were carrying the tailor made cube favor boxes for the guests.

Not only the printables and the favors, but the baptism set was tailor made according to the concept as well. We used all the basic geometric shapes. Triangles for the decorations and the cake, squares for the favors, circles for the baptism set and rectangles for the invites and swings.

The guests enjoyed this lovely warm spring morning, while drinking their cold tea, eating pop corn and nibbling into the most delicious desserts.


“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.”



Event Design, Styling & Planning: Soo Events

Venue: American Farm School

Photography: XPose

Cake & Desserts: Pepi Beza Boutique Baking

Invitations & Favors:  Entypo

Laser cut decorations: Entypo

Flower arrangements: Floral Creations

Party Supplies: Sweebies